Are you a Teacher, Police Officer, Firefighter or Veteran?


Monarchs offers 20% of the gross commission earned by your Monarchs Real Estate Agent (typically 3% of the sales price) for all ACTIVE or RETIRED Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters & Veterans without a dishonorable discharge. All Heroes will receive this.

Additionally, up to 5% of the sales price is also available to all those who qualify. Not all will qualify for the grant as the grant is offered by 3rd parties, and eligibility is determined not by Monarchs, but by the Grant Program Originators per their individual guidelines. Only a mortgage lender who is licensed to provide these loan types can determine if you qualify for the grant. See your Monarchs Realtor for details.

If you do not have a relationship with a Monarchs Realtor,click the "See If You Qualify" button or call 972-665-6141 to request more information!



If you plan to buy a home, chances are that you will sell that home at some point in the future, so why not receive guaranteed savings when you do?

We offer half-price on our full service listing agreements to clients who employ us to sell any home that we helped them buy in the past. Loyalty has it's rewards!

The average client will most likely be able to take advantage of this great offer, but some limitations and restrictions do apply. See your Monarchs Realtor for details.

If you do not have a relationship with a Monarchs Realtor, click "Get Started" or call 972-665-6141 to connect with one of our great Team Members!


The Monarchs "FSBO+" is a unique service designed to provide our clients with professional marketing and consultation at a fraction of the price of a traditional listing. 

We provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources to sell your own home like a pro, with a pro for just $200 per month and $500 closing fee due at closing. With the FSBO+ service, the average home sale in DFW would be just $1,100 versus $7,500 in a traditional, full-service listing! (does not include fee paid to Buyer's Agent) 

Better yet, we will reimburse your $500 closing fee if you choose Monarchs to assist you in purchasing your next home! Want to switch to a traditional, full-service listing later? No problem! We will reimburse your monthly service fees paid at closing and waive the $500 closing fee!


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